Welcome to Rome Customs & Trade

Founded in 2000, the Rome Logistics Group sought to remove the hassle and barriers associated with Freight and transportation. Since 2000, the Rome Logistics Group has been rapidly expanding its logistics divisions which includes the emergence of Rome Customs & Trade.

At Rome Customs & Trade, our expert staff have decades of Customs Brokerage and Consulting experience. We strive to ensure our clients needs are taken care of with the utmost urgency and professionalism.

Canadian Customs Clearances

Rome Customs & Trade provides a complete solution for all your Canadian Customs clearance needs which include:

24/7-365 clearances at all automated ports across Canada

Full EDI software to ensure proper & secure data transmission

Temporary Importations / E29B

Import/Export documentation preparation and permit submission

NAFTA renewal and storage.

Competitive pricing

U.S Customs Clearances

With our extensive partnerships, Rome Customs & Trade offers competitively priced clearances into the United States. The U.S services we offer include:

All Import/Export documentation preparation

Release setup with CBP

AES/ACE submission

Bond setup

Compliance & Consulting

International trade rules and regulations are changing daily, and it is imperative that you stay ahead of the curve to avoid any unnecessary fines or penalties. Let our experts at Rome Customs & Trade protect you and your company against these penalties and help ensure you are fully compliant with customs regulations.

Vehicle importation

Importing & Exporting used self propelled machinery can be strenuous, let our experts at Rome Customs & Trade take the stress out of the equation. We are fully capable of submitting the AES 72 hour pre-clearance and coordinating your RIV Form 1.